{stella & dot trunk show}

I can't believe that another month has already come and {quickly} gone, and I'm looking forward to seeing what Spring has in store for us.  This last week in March has been a super busy one for me, but I'm glad I get to kick off the new month with some major fashion fun

I'm hosting my first Stella & Dot Trunk Show on Thursday, March 31st, and I'm so excited about a fabulous night filled with amazing jewelry, lovely ladies, and lots {& lots} of vino! The Spring/Summer 2011 Collection is to die for, and I can't wait for everyone to see these lust-worthy looks.

Here's a little peek at some of the goodies in store for the show...

{stella & dot}
I have had a little love affair with Stella & Dot for a while now, and I have been silently swooning over it since I laid eyes on the brand for the first time. After admiring it for so long, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to attend a friend's trunk show a few weeks ago.  We had such a great time hanging out & admiring the collection {which is even more stunning in person}, and & I made a couple of fab purchases as well!

Check out my newest Stella & Dot bling...
More importantly, I'm so thankful I was there because I made a fabulous new friend {Ann Carmichael} who is my Stella & Dot Trunk Show Stylist for the Thursday. We had a blast chatting and getting to know each other, and I can't wait until our party and all of the future fun in store for us!

If you're in the area, come on over to our trunk show for a cocktail {or two}...You never know what may be in store-whether it's fabulous jewels, fun times, or a new lifelong friend-it will definitely be worth it!

Please feel free to send me a message if you would like to join us on Thursday or if you would like any additional information about Stella & Dot.  Just in case you haven't laid eyes on these beauties, I thought I'd leave you with some blissful bling and baubles...I bet now you'll want to come join us on Thursday!

{stella & dot}

{stella & dot}

** Unable to make the trunk show, but you still want to buy some new bling??

No problem!

Just click
here to access the collection, and happy shopping!!


{etsy love: SC, the beach, & vintage chic}

{via the shabby chic cottage --- via tru.che}

{via helkat design --- via the shabby chic cottage}

{via signs of vintage --- via signs of vintage}

{via kvanliet --- via loubijoux}

{via zuppaartista --- via elgarboart}

Ahhh Etsy...What would I do without you in my life?

Now I don't know about y'all, but I am one of those girls who visits Etsy quite frequently {ok maybe I'm a little addicted!}, and I fall in love with one {or one hundred} new things every time my finger starts clicking on that mouse...It never fails, and I could stay on there for hours!

If you're not an Etsy follower yet, you have to check it out!  I just found a brand new batch of goodies to add to my ever-growing wish list, and I'm thinking all my friends and family will most likely be getting gifts from some of the fabulous Etsy designers from here on out...Sure sounds good to me! ;)

Since we're in the process of moving in to the new house in Murrells Inlet, I have been even more zoned in on all things "beachy" and beautiful that will go great in the new digs...Look at the jackpot I hit today! {Yeah the beautiful jewelry is for me, not the house...Who could resist? Not I!}

Pictured above are only a few of the delicious finds that are now on my "To Buy" list, and trust me, all of their shops are full of treasures!!  Everything is going to go great with our seaglass color palette, and I knew when we first started building that I wanted to hang blissful, dream-like beach scene pictures all over....These pictures have that special touch!  I had a vision in my mind of what I wanted, and I'm so glad I found the zuppaartista and elgarboart shops today...I can't wait to make my purchase and see these beauties on our walls!

The links below the pictures above will take you to the designers' Etsy shops, and you can click on the links below to learn more about them in their profiles...I loved reading their success stories, and their talent and dedication is definitely an inspiration to me!!  Hope you enjoy, and I'll be back soon to feature more of my Etsy faves.

Next up...I'll be showcasing Lindsay, the amazingly talented designer behind Aisle to Aloha and one of my blogger inspirations!  She is another designer whose work will be lighting up our hallways, and I can't wait for you to see her cool, tropical, modern designs.

* The Shabby Chic Cottage

* tru.che

* helkat design

* signs of vintage

* kvanliet

* loubijoux

* zuppaartista

* elgarboart



{monday motivation}

{via oh hi}

Hello Friends & Happy Monday!

I hope you had the most amazing weekend and are trying to make the most out of the first day of a new week {boo hoo to the weekend being over already}.

I'm not the kind of person who absolutely just looooves a Monday {especially after I have had a perfectly relaxing and blissful weekend}, and it takes a little motivation to get me going in the morning.  This picture always gives me a good kick in the rear {so to speak}, and it's my reminder to stay focused, push forward, and work hard so I can achieve all my hopes and dreams...

{via vol. 25}
  Back to work I go...Have a successful day everyone!



{saturday snapshot: ocean isle beach sunset}

Ocean Isle Beach, which is only a short drive from home for us, has become another one of our favorite destinations.  We had the pleasure of taking our family vacation there last year, and it made for such a peaceful and relaxing week filled with beautiful weather and beachside bliss.

Every night before dinner, Forrest and I would head up to the widow's watch to enjoy a cocktail while we watched the amazing sunsets...

Here's a shot of our {blissful} canal view at dusk...
I'm so excited to be linking this lovely shot up to Kim's Saturday Snapshot Linky Party, and you can visit her fabulous Yellow Songbird site by clicking here.  Enjoy!


{things i love: sun, sand, & salt water}

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is relax on the beach, listen to the waves, soak up some sun, and sip on a delicious cocktail.  *Sigh*  I can almost feel the salty air now just thinking about it, and these beautiful pics really make me wish I had my toes in the sand...

{via flickr}

{via high cotton event design}

{via tumblr}

I was just about to drift off into blissful daydreams about the beach when I stumbled upon these fun finds that are perfect for a chic seaside retreat.

{1. lobster cracker from Fishs Eddy, 2. Rosanna Contadini hand-knit baskets, 3. recycled glass pitchers from Branch, 4. Thomas Paul dessert plate, 5. Anthropologie measuring spoons, 6. sea urchin bowls.}


{diy: wire wrapped ring}

I am in love with these wire rings, and I can't believe that something this beautiful is so easy to make!

I have an ongoing obsession with oversized rings and accessories, and I'm thrilled to know that I can make my own from now on.  Follow these super easy steps to make your very own lovely turquoise ring, and let me know how they turn out! :)

Have fun & Enjoy...

{via because i'm addicted}

{via because i'm addicted}

{via because i'm addicted}

{via because i'm addicted}



{things i love: opi nail polish + texas + u.s. army}

I couldn't help but post this tonight because it brought an immediate smile to my face for so many reasons...
I happened to stumble upon this news while visiting the fabulous k blog, and I was thrilled to see that two of my loves have merged to make magic!

OPI Nail Polish + Texas = Love & Perfection!

{perfect combo}
OPI is my all-time, favorite nail polish {those clever color names have always made me smile, and I have secretly wished they would hire me to join their creative crew} ;), and Texas will always hold a special place in my heart {I used to call San Antonio home} so I was all smiles when I saw this Texas Collection!

For those of you who don't know, I'm the proud daughter of a Retired U.S. ARMY Lieutenant Colonel and my Daddy, Peter A. Leventis, will forever be my hero for serving and protecting our great country for 21 years.

{me & my daddy}
I really can't even describe in words the respect, admiration, and love that I have for my dad, and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about our Army days and all the brave, valiant, and honorable efforts and sacrifices he made for our family and our country.  I'm so thankful for the amazing childhood I was given as an "Army Brat" {I loved every minute of it}, and I feel blessed every day of my life to have had the opportunity to live in so my wonderful places all over the United States.  I loved my childhood years that were spent living on the Ft. Sam Houston Military Base in San Antonio, TX, and every memory that I have of our time there is so perfect and special.

Whenever I see or hear anything having to do with Texas, those great memories come rushing back to me and that's exactly what happened when I caught a glimpse of the OPI Texas Collection...Doesn't take much to spark those cherished childhood memories for me, and I'm glad I got to reminisce with a little trip down memory lane.

Even though I have already busted out my traditional spring OPI polish {cajun shrimp is my go-to color}, you better believe I'll be making a trip to the store tomorrow for a sentimental bottle of San Tan-Tonio!!  I never thought nail polish would bring back so many fun thoughts! :)  I'm thankful it did, and I'm going display my little bottle of Texas bliss proudly in honor of my Army roots!

I hope you enjoy the OPI collections as much as I do, and I can't wait to hear about your favorite color!




{happy friday + fun finds} *beachy blues*

Happy Friday, Friends!!

I hope you have had a great week, and I wish you all the best for a wonderful weekend filled with love, laughter, and lots of fun times.  As my week comes to a close, I wanted to share a few of my favorite finds {and obsessions}...

{loving all things blue and beachy}
Yes, it is official...I'm currently obsessed with turquoise!  I have tried to focus on other colors of the rainbow, but my eyes are only drawn to turquoise, Tiffany blue, and all things of relative shades.  I'm not sure if it was the beach-inspired interior decorating post that I wrote earlier or my major case of summer fever that got me hooked on the "beach blues", but whatever it was got me good! ;)  I must admit, I'm kind of liking this new color fave of mine and I hope you do too!

{one of my fave shades of blue...tiffany & co. turquoise}
Here are a few of my favorite things that I discovered around the web this week, and they have all been added to my long list of summer "must haves"...

{swoon...i ❤ these} 

{via we heart it}

{via this is glamorous}

{via pen.ny}

{via the vamoose}

{via johnny in a dress}

{via i heart design}
Have a great day!


{interior inspiration: beachside bliss}

{Murrells Inlet, SC}
My husband and I love spending time in Murrells Inlet, SC {which is about a 30 minute drive from home}, and some of our favorite memories were made in this fun and fabulous inlet town.  Our typical {and blissfully perfect} Murrells Inlet day is spent on the boat with friends during the day, on a porch swing soaking in the breathtaking sunsets at dusk, and we usually finish off the night enjoying dinner, drinks, and live music at Bubba's Love Shack, one of our favorite local hotspots.

{Enjoying dinner & the sunset in Murrells Inlet}
We're counting down the days until we can retreat to our blissful destination for the summer, and we're even more thrilled about it this year because we're building a house on the Marsh Walk in the heart of Murrells Inlet.  We're both so excited, and we can't wait until construction is completed next month.  Right in time for summer!!

{Marsh Walk Marina}
Forrest and I have {luckily} always shared similar tastes in architectural design and interior decorating, and we have really loved designing our new beach house together.  Although it's not quite complete, we can already picture ourselves and our {future} family nestled in our new home...We can't wait to cook together in the kitchen, relax with friends & family in the living room, and enjoy some beautiful sunsets together rocking on our front porch.  Every time we visit the lot, we can envision these fun times in our future, and we're glad the house is the perfect blend of both of us.

{Sunset on the Marsh Walk}
Our move-in date is right around the corner, and stay tuned for pictures of the finished product!!  In the meantime, here are some pictures of our design style and the interior decorating look we're going for...

Enjoy, and come visit anytime for a Carolina cocktail and some beachside bliss!

{via House of Turquoise}

{via House of Turquoise}

{via House of Turquoise}

{via House of Turquoise}

{via House of Turquoise}

{via House of Turquoise}

{via Mozaik Decor}

{via House of Turquoise}

{via House of Turquoise}

{via House of Turquoise}



{diy: monogram mugs}

Monograms are one of my many obsessions, and the fun designs always catch my eye. I was instantly hooked when I saw this, and I can't wait to get my hands on these porcelaine pens so I can start making these super cute monogram mugs.  Thank you, Poppytalk, for your great ideas!

I have always admired the lovely monogram mugs at Anthropologie, and I'm so excited about making my very own handmade version.  This is such an easy, inexpensive, family-friendly project, and I can already think of other fun designs I would like to add to my mug collection!  Check out Design Mom's simple steps, and start creating your own collection today! Have fun!!



{happy friday + fun finds} *pretty pastels*

Happy Friday Friends!!

I'm still inspired by this post, and I can't help but be drawn to these lovely looks and pastel pretties!  I'm longing for warm and sunny Spring days, and fun finds like these get me even more excited about the fashion in my future. :)

Here are a few of my favorite things...I hope you have a blissful weekend! xoxo

{oh joy}
{1. Shabd dress, 2. Mud carafes, 3. shoes from Free People, 4. Butter nail polish, 5. Juicy Couture bird ring, 6. owl cookie jar from Anthropologie, 7. earrings from Anthropologie.}