{Oscar Fashion}

Did you tune in to the Academy Awards on Sunday night?  I sure did, and my favorite part of Oscar night is always all the fun fashion that floats down that red carpet.  Here are some looks that I loved...

Who were some of your favorites?



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{Five Favorites}

Happy Friday, friends! We had a great week, and I hope you did too!

We kicked it off with an awesome work weekend in Murrells Inlet, I got to spend some quality time in Columbia with my family {and my "little bro" Buoy}, the weather was fabulously warm for February, Bernie was loving the 70-80 degree temps, and we're finishing off the week watching The Ides of March in our candlelit home.  Ahhhhh life is good!

{Nice job site for the weekend}

{Bonding with Buoy on our afternoon walk}

{Warm weather and sunny skies!!}

{Bernie loved the sun too! Read about her here}

{My idea of a perfect Friday night}

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!



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{Five Favorites}

Valentine's Day has always been special to me ever since I was little all thanks to my sweet parents. They made every holiday so perfect for us each year, and now I like to spread the love and magic they instilled in me onto my little family. We really had such a great week, filled with love, laughter, and lots of delicious goodies!

These sweet tarts will remind me of my parents forever...They always had this yummy candy included in our Valentine's Day treats!

I kicked off Valentine's Day by surprising my hubby with a little French Toast treat.

We definitely couldn't forget our furry little Valentine!

My Valentine prepared the most deliciously romantic dinner...Steak, lobster, & sweet potato fries!

I finished off the night having fun baking for Forrest.

How was your Valentine's Day? I hope it was perfect!!



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{Op Org: Home Organization Binder - Part 1}

The blog community has influenced my life in so many positive ways, and I'm thankful I created Southern Bliss Blog a little over a year ago.  The friendships I have made are everlasting, and the knowledge I have gained has truly enriched my life in so many ways.

One of the greatest influences thus far in my blogging journey has been the inspiration to organize.  Some of my favorite blogs are organization-related, and the advice offered by them has definitely spilled over into my own life.  I believe that being organized at home, work, etc. has such a positive impact on the way one lives his or her life, and I have decided to make it an ongoing goal of mine to always strive for well-rounded organization.

In my quest for an organized life, I decided to document the steps I have taken in an effort to hopefully inspire you as well.  I'll call the series "Op Org" {code for Operation Organization}, and the first project on my task list is...

The Home Organization Binder

Now whether you have a family of 5 or a family of 1, I promise you this binder will be beneficial. I implemented this in our home, and it has been such a huge help in keeping our little family organized.  Since this is such a large project, I will divide the blog posts into separate parts.  Part 1 is building your binder, and some recommended steps are below.


Here are the items you'll need to begin this organization project:

* One 3-ring binder

* Binder tabs

* 3-hole punch

* Page protectors

* Post-it notes

* Label maker or fine point Sharpie Marker

* A bin or basket for your 3-ring binder


Gather all the documents and informational brochures that you refer to on a regular basis. Although they may be scattered around the house in different areas, pool them together to prep for the next step. Some examples may include:

* Business cards

* Carry-out menus

* Community calendars/schedules

* Emergency info and phone numbers

* Insurance info

* Pet care instructions

* Reference papers from school/work

* Important family dates

* Phone directories/phone numbers


Now sort all the similar papers together...Take-out menus in one pile, phone numbers in a second pile, and so on and so forth.  Shred the papers you really don't use anymore, file any long-term reference docs, and create an action bin for papers that require your immediate attention {bills to pay, letters to mail, etc.}

The remaining papers in your piles will aid in completing your next step.


It's time for the fun part...Creating all the categories that will make up your binder using your tabs and a Sharpie Marker or label maker.  Everyone's binder needs will be different depending on your lives and your families, so feel free to include any and all tabs necessary to organize your household.  Here are some suggested categories:

* Activities - Calendars and schedules for kids' activities, volunteer work, personal & work events, etc.

* Child & Pet Care - Info and instructions for sitters.

* Emergency Info - Provide easy access to all your emergency info.  Include all contact info, ways to get in touch with family members, first-aid info, etc.

*  Entertainment/Leisure - Books to read, movies to watch/rent, websites/blogs to visit, etc.

* Family Members - Separate sections for each family member to keep individual specific info together.

* Important Numbers - Use this section to store numbers that you may reference regularly-Doctors, schools, hair stylists, dentists, daycare, etc.

* Insurance & Medical Coverage - Keep all your insurance info in one handy spot in your binder.

* Menus - Take-out menus, local restaurant info, etc.

* School Information - Keep all your kids' school docs and handouts in their own page protectors for easy access.

* Upcoming Events - Calendars/Schedules of all upcoming family events.

My tip:  I wrote out all my potential category names on post-it notes and rearranged them on my binder tabs as needed while deciding on my category list.  Once it was finalized, I created my tabs and removed the post-its.


Now that you have picked your categories and labeled your tabs, it's time to place all your info into the sheet protectors and divider pockets so you can finish your binder.  Once your binder is complete, place it in a container/basket in a handy and convenient location for easy, daily access.  For instance, I keep mine in our mail basket on the kitchen counter so it's easy to get to, and I'm always reminded to keep it current and up-to-date.

This will conclude Part 1 of my Home Organization Binder process...In my next post I'll show you our Beverly Family Binder, and I'll also provide links to my favorite printables from around the web.  I hope you have enjoyed these tips, and I can't wait to see your creations!



** I referenced Aby Garvey's amazing site Simplify 101 for awesome tips on organizing your life.

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{10 Valentine's Day Gifts for Women}

Let's face it, fellas...The ladies totally dig it when you show them some major love on Valentine's Day, and we most likely get into this holiday a tad more than you.  Yes, all the men out there definitely deserve some fun gifts on this day too {see some awesome gift ideas for men here}, but you sure will win some brownie points if you surprise your women with some treats!  See below…

{Hint, Hint}
Spa Gift Certificates
There's still time to have flowers delivered!
A clever card
Wall Art from the Heart
A beautiful ring expressing your love for her

The Classic Tiffany Heart Necklace
A romantic movie all about love...The Notebook is always a hit!
A delicious bottle of bubbly
A 12-pack of sweet little love notes
Serve up some yummy chocolate-covered strawberries...Recipe here.
Now go enjoy your evening, and don't forget to end it with lots of kisses...Those are the best gifts anyway!

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{10 Valentine's Day Gifts for your Guy}

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and I'm looking forward to celebrating this lovely holiday with my hubby.  Although some may think this is merely a day to indulge the ladies, I always like to take advantage of any opportunity I have to shower my man with love as well.

Here are some great gifts that I think are husband, boyfriend, and all around guy-worthy!

Japanese Bottle Openers…Because they're just cool!

Swiss Army Knife-I still have the one my dad gave me when I was younger, and your guy is sure to love it as much as I do!

Stuffed Hamburger Press…Pretty sweet!

Coming up tomorrow...10 gifts the ladies will love!!



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{Five Favorites}

{The beautiful view from my hubby's latest job site}

This week began with a little Superbowl fun, and it has only gotten better since then.  My Etsy Shop is starting to take shape, and the inspiration has been flowing all week.  My husband's business is booming as well, and I couldn't be more proud of him.  I'm looking forward to all the exciting things in store for us, but for now I'm going to sit back, relax, and enjoy the small pleasures life has to offer.

{A little taste of my Etsy Shop goodies}

{Words of Advice...Courtesy of my Dove Dark Chocolate}

{My handmade infinity scarves}

{Flower-Shaped Strawberry Cupcakes}



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{Salty & Sweet Super Bowl Treats}

It's that time of year again...Super Bowl Sunday has arrived, and we're gearing up for the big game {and I'm getting pretty pumped about the commercials, too}!

We like to keep it pretty simple and laid back around here on Super Bowl Sunday, and this annual occasion always serves as a prime opportunity to prepare some delish dishes.  Here are some perfect treats to try on this day dedicated to football, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they turn out...

{via Baked with Love and Butter} 

{via Closet Cooking} 

{via Blog Chef}

Now I'm off to enjoy some yummy food, good friends, and funny commercials...Oh, and football too!! ;)  I can't wait to hear all about your fun plans, and I hope you all have an awesome evening! 



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