{How to remove stains from granite}

I sure am glad it's Friday. As we speak, I'm enjoying a laaaarge glass of red wine as I listen to the storm roll in. I'm quite content, and I was actually ready for Friday on Monday because on Monday...I had pink countertops.
Let's just say you accidentally set an opened pink popsicle on your white granite countertops. You go upstairs and play with your kids for an hour or so, you forget about the darn popsicle, and you come back downstairs to find a melted mess that has left you with a lovely pink countertop. You panic, and then you do this to fix it...

Pour bleach directly onto the stain. Cover with plastic wrap, and let it sit until the stain dissolves. In my case, the stain disappeared almost immediately. Picture on the right was taken as soon as I set the plastic wrap over the bleach.

The stain is completely gone!! The true test...I informed my husband when he got home from work that we had a little countertop mishap, and I asked him if he could find the previously pink patch of granite. Nowhere to be found!! Yay!!

Hope this helps y'all (actually I hope you never have to put this tip to use)! ;) Have a great weekend!




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